Founded in 2008, and consulting for 5 years earlier, Graphixx Design was started by Geza Kassai out of a strong desire to help others realize their visions.

Having worked as an intern and later a designer in several architecture firms, Geza saw an industry that had relied on the same imagery for far too long. Having learned many artistic techniques, he felt that if you wanted to sell high technology in your buildings, and even ultra modern building designs, maybe colored pencil and watercolor was not the best method to present such work. Having started 3d modeling in 1995, pretty much the beginning of the 3D industry, he started incorporating modern techniques into much of his work and design. Much of Architecture has caught up to what Hollywood has always known, people like to be impressed by visuals, and so do your customers.

The Graphixx Design team uses that philosophy and provides aesthetic marketing and presentation solutions to its clients to produce results. We approach every project, no matter how large or small, with the same enthusiasm each time and are always thrilled to see the excitement in both the clients and their audience from each project.

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